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A papal cruise on the Vistula – embark on a trip around Kraków with St. John Paul II


Our beautiful Kraków is the place where St. John Paul II spent many years of his life – from his studies until his service as the metropolitan bishop of Kraków. Kraków was the city that he particularly loved – he often repeated this during his pontificate and always came back there with tenderness.

St. John Paul II always called Kraków his city, and the inhabitants of the Małopolska region openly showed their affection towards the Pope, too. His long-time service has left a sign in the history of our city. We are proud of the fact that the future bishop of Rome walked on the streets of Kraków.

On 27th April 2014, John Paul II was canonised. It was the time when we hit upon an idea to organise a papal cruise. We wanted to commemorate the Pope in a special way, knowing how important he is for Poles. The papal cruise was established under the title “Sail into the deep with John Paul II”.

For the last five years, papal cruises have enjoyed unceasing popularity not only among tourists, but also among Kraków inhabitants, so they have become a steady part of our offer.


What attractions are in store for you?


There is an incredible experience ahead of you. Together with St. John Paul II, you will embark on a one-hour tour in the trail of his memories and reflections on Kraków. You will listen to the most important fragments of the Pope’s homilies and speeches. And all of this will happen in the atmosphere of concentration, silence and contemplation.

You want to know more about St. John Paul II? You need a moment of silence and reflection? Kraków will give it all to you. A papal cruise will be a great opportunity for you to look at the city from a different perspective.

During the one-hour cruise, you will watch fragments of the Pope’s speeches in a multimedia format. His voice will be guiding you during this incredible tour. You will have the possibility of delving into his reflections on God’s commandments.

Although our city abounds in tourist attractions, few are as exceptional as a papal cruise. You can see Kraków also in a different spiritual way! This special one-hour trip on the Vistula will let you recall the years of St. John Paul II’s pontificate and hear his voice again.

Cruises by ship with John Paul II’s sermons start in the spring season and take place every Sunday. We invite you onto the board of the Nimfa ship, which can contain up to 200 persons and will take everyone on an exceptional papal cruise. Kraków is a place with an unusual history that is worth knowing from this perspective, too. Our friendly staff will be responsible for your safety and comfort.

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