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A cruise to Tyniec on the Vistula – an exceptional trip to remember


When staying in Kraków, there is no way to deny yourself the biggest attractions and becoming familiar with the beautiful historic area. A trip on the Vistula is a fascinating, slightly unconventional way to experience a unique adventure and, thereby, learn more about the history of our city and neighbouring places.

On board our ship you can embark on an unusual tour of Kraków corners. An exceptional part of our offer is a cruise to Tyniec on the Vistula. This 4.5-hour trip will allow you to see Kraków and its neighbouring areas from a different side. What will you see?

Of course, the destination of your journey will be the historic Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. However, before you reach it, a beautiful Kraków landscape will stretch out in front of you. You will see, among others, the Monastery of the Norbertines, the Kościuszko Mound and the Camaldolese Church in Bielany.

Apart from that, popular Dykes that are often mentioned in songs of Polish artists will be visible. A cruise by ship to Tyniec is also a great opportunity to see Karol Wojtyła’s house – a place of reflection and meditation – from the Vistula. In addition, you will discover the charm of the long-year Kościuszko Barrage and historic Kraków waterworks.


A magical cruise to Tyniec – learn more about the history of this unusual place


Both the district itself and the Benedictine Abbey are culmination points of the cruise on the Vistula. Today a picturesque Kraków district, Tyniec was formerly one of the villages surrounding the city. It is also interesting to know that Tyniec appeared in Henryk Sienkiewicz’s historical novel Knights of the Teutonic Order. Józef Ignacy Kraszewski also put Tyniec as the site of important events in his work Bracia Zmartwychwstańcy [The Resurrectionist Brothers].

This means that a cruise from Kraków to Tyniec is an excellent way to become familiar with this interesting place not only from literature or historical writings. The Benedictine Abbey is the oldest Polish monastery. It was erected on the beautiful Monastery Hill right on the Vistula in 1044. The Roman style building was probably founded by Casimir I the Restorer. During the invasions and conflicts that often affected Poland, the monastery was destroyed a couple of times and restored on the basis of its original architecture. The whole complex has been highly valuable not only for Kraków, but also the entire country for years.


A cruise from Kraków to Tyniec – details of the offer


We invite you to take a cruise to Tyniec on board one of our ships: Nimfa or Orka, which will make your journey comfortable.

Our cruises to Tyniec are held for a group of 25-200 persons. During a few hours of the trip, the guide will be telling interesting anecdotes about tourist attractions seen from the board. During the trip, you will see everyday life behind the monastery walls and learn the rich history that cannot be told in a few sentences.

Our friendly and helpful staff ensures the safe and comfortable course of cruises on the Vistula from Kraków to Tyniec. We will set off from Wawel Hill in the afternoon and head for the popular route to Tyniec. The cruise lasts around 4.5 hours, after which we invite you to a real feast for body in our Aquarius restaurants or on the Wawel Barge.


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