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A boat trip on the Vistula River in Krakow

Krakowska Żegluga Pasażerska is the largest inland shipowner in Krakow, as well as one of the largest in Poland. We offer cruises on the Vistula River in Krakow, which allow tourists to admire the wonderful monuments of the city and beautiful landscapes. Our ships are equipped with modern devices, thanks to which the journey is safe and comfortable. We organize cruises throughout the year, providing the opportunity to see Krakow from a different perspective at different times of the year.


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The most popular cruises on a cruise ship Krakow

The photo shows a cruise on the Vistula River in Krakow

One-hour cruise around Krakow 


4,6 (304)

PLN 70,00

30-minute boat cruise around Krakow 


4,5 (264)

PLN 50,00

Evening Cruise on the Vistula in Krakow


4,8 (104)

PLN 80,00

What do you think about our cruises

Anna T.
Anna T.
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Very pleasant experience, crew very kind and smiling. 🛳 Cruises take place every day from Monday to Sunday (excluding holidays) 🛳 The cruise lasts an hour. 🛳 The cruise route leads through popular districts such as Dębniki, Podgórze, Kazimierz and Bielany. 🛳 During the cruise we can hear about the history of the monuments we pass along the way.
Bicycle Blog
Bicycle Blog
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A cruise on the Vistula River with a very nice and smiling crew - this place will be perfect. Today we could sail on an hour-long cruise looking at Krakow from a different perspective than usual and listening to tourist information. The cruise lasted an hour - we set sail at 16:00 and returned at 17:00. Incredible adventure.
David Szlapa
David Szlapa
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I recommend! We sailed yesterday with a 2,5-year-old son, a 30-minute cruise. Son delighted. We are also very pleased. The service deserves a plus. We enjoyed the cruise very much. The boat is quite neat and clean. It was a great and nice experience for us to invite a toddler to sit at the helm! A very nice memory. I highly recommend.
Artur Żugaj
Artur Żugaj
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We had the opportunity to go on a one-hour cruise on the Vistula River, very nice service, affordable prices, a very nice time.
Peter Langer
Peter Langer
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The city looks different from this perspective. It's worth it!
Andrzej Gawryluk
Andrzej Gawryluk
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Cool. We found a bigger ship "NIMFA". There was outdoor seating under the roof, so in the shade you could focus on the guide's story. Great views!
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Boat trips combined with attractions

The photo shows ships during a cruise on the Vistula river in Krakow

Cruise to Tyniec by ship from Krakow

CRUISE TIME: 4,5 hours

4,7 (153)

PLN 140,00

Romantic Cruise on the Vistula River with Dinner 

Available soon

4,8 (39)

PLN 349,00


4,6 (49)

PLN 190,00

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Birthday on the ship

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Group Cruise

Set sail with your group and discover Krakow from a new perspective

boat party

Have fun on the ship on a 2-hour cruise as you dance to music played by a live DJ


School Cruise

Students and teachers get to know Krakow during a river cruise

Where are we sailing from?

Our ships depart daily from 10:00 - 20:00 from the Wawel harbor

Wawel Marina

st. Czerwieński Boulevard 3

Od 10: 00 do 20: 00

every 30 minutes

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Boat trips Krakow - get to know the city from the perspective of the river

Krakowska Żegluga Pasażerska has been promoting the city during cruises on the Vistula for years. The river itself plays a key role here. During the cruise you have an unprecedented opportunity to get to know Krakow from a completely new perspective perspective.

Krakow is one of the most important cities in Poland and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Our company specializes in the organization of cruises on the Vistula River and in the organization of corporate events, events and events on the river in Krakow. Take advantage of the offer for a cruise on the Vistula or write to us to organize the event.

You can see a boat trip in Krakow


Our regular cruises on the Vistula in Krakow last 30 or 60 minutes, the longest is the cruise to Tyniec, which lasts up to 5 hours

Tickets can be purchased online on our website or stationary at Przystań Wawel at the ticket office

Of course, our facilities are very often used to organize group cruises, parties and various events

The cruise to Tyniec lasts from 4 to 5 hours. During its duration, you can visit Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec 

During the cruise, you will learn about the most important tourist places in Krakow, such as the Wawel Royal Castle, Kazimierz, Przegorzały Castle and much more! During the cruise to Tyniec - the Benedictine Abbey, unique on a global scale.

Our ships depart and return to the same place Przystań Wawel Czerwieński Boulevard 3

We have never had an accident in over 15 years. Krakowska Żegluga Passażerska is also covered by insurance, which is why cruises with us are completely safe

Up to 200 people can sail during the cruise

Cruise on the Vistula Krakow

During cruises on the Vistula in Krakow, you can admire not only the monuments, but also charming landscapes and beautiful panoramas of the city. It is an unforgettable experience that is worth experiencing. Our cruises are also a great opportunity to relax in the fresh air and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are planning a trip to Krakow, be sure to take advantage of the offer of cruises on the Vistula River. It is an extraordinary experience and unforgettable views that will stay with you forever. Booking a cruise is easy - just use our website. Do not hesitate and book your cruise today to see Krakow from a different side.

Contact us if you want to learn more about cruises on the Vistula in Krakow or renting facilities for events. We are at your disposal and we will be happy to answer all your questions!